Services for Cats:

Cat Sit visit (in your house) while you are on vacation.
$20 for 1-2 cats. $2 ea. additional cat.
Services for Dogs while at work (Offered M-F, 10 to 3:00):

Walk in your neighborhood or play in yard. 20-30 min.
$20 for 1-2 dogs. $2 ea. additional dog.

Quick potty break. 5-10 min.
$15 for 1-2 dogs. $2 ea. additional dog.

Pet Taxi (to or from Groomer, Day Care or Vet).
$15 in one direction - same town.
$20 in one direction - within service area but out of town.

Services for Dogs while out of town
(Offered 7 days/week, 7:30am - 8:30pm):

Pet Sit visits (in your house). We recommend 3 visits per day for dogs. (visits are 20-30 min.)
$20 for 1- 2 dogs. $2 ea. additional dog.

Overnight stays (in your house). Includes dinnertime through breakfast. Limited Availability.
Call for pricing.
We no longer offer boarding in our pet sitter's home.

Other Furry Pets:
Call for pricing. Most tiny caged pets are included for a small fee.

Out of Town Service Includes:
  • Give food, fresh water, treats, and LOTS of affection
  • Neighborhood walk or yard play
  • Reinforce commands (especially for puppies in training)
  • Scoop litter boxes daily
  • Clean up accidents
  • Give medication
  • Sub-Q shots and fluids are $5 extra/visit
    Let's Get Started!  Call Holli to
    schedule a FREE "meet & greet"
    visit. We will go over all
    instructions. Please have a key
    ready for us at that time.

    We visit pets 7:30am to 8:30 pm.
    Requests for visits before 7:30am or
    after 8:30 pm will be granted IF
    schedule permits, for an additional
    charge of $5 for the visit.

    Last Minute Requests: We can often
    handle requests with less than 48
    hours notice (if you are already on
    file), but it is NOT guaranteed.  Same
    day and emergency requests cost an
    additional $5/visit if we can squeeze
    them in.

    Holiday Visits: The following days
    cost an additional $10/visit:  
    Christmas Eve and Day and New
    Year's Eve and Day.  All other
    Federal Holidays cost an additional
    Complimentary (out of town)
    House Services:

  • Lock doors
  • Re-set alarm
  • Rotate lights
  • Bring in newspaper & mail
  • Turn pool on & off
  • Bring in garbage cans
  • Feed fish (1-2 small aquariums)
  • Maintain bird feeder
  • Water indoor plants
  • Water outdoor patio plants

    If you have no pets and ONLY need
    house checks, pricing starts at
(203) 415-1885
Services & Rates