Services for Cats:

Cat Sit visit (in your house) while you are on vacation.
$20 for 1-2 cats. $2 ea. additional cat.
Services for Dogs while at work (Offered M-F, 10 to 3:00):

Walk in your neighborhood or play in yard. 20-30 min.
$20 for 1-2 dogs. $2 ea. additional dog.

Quick potty break. 5-10 min.
$15 for 1-2 dogs. $2 ea. additional dog.

Pet Taxi (to or from Groomer, Day Care or Vet).
$15 in one direction - same town.
$20 in one direction - within service area but out of town.

Services for Dogs while out of town
(Offered 7 days/week, 7:30am - 8:30pm):

Pet Sit visits (in your house). We recommend 3 visits per day for dogs. (visits are 20-30 min.)
$20 for 1- 2 dogs. $2 ea. additional dog. Prices are PER VISIT.

Overnight stays (in your house). Includes dinnertime through breakfast. Limited Availability.
Call for pricing.
We no longer offer boarding in our pet sitter's home.

Other Furry Pets:
Call for pricing. Most tiny caged pets are included for a small fee.

Out of Town Service Includes:
  • Give food, fresh water, treats, and LOTS of affection
  • Neighborhood walk or yard play
  • Reinforce commands (especially for puppies in training)
  • Scoop litter boxes daily
  • Clean up accidents
  • Give medication
  • Sub-Q shots and fluids are $5 extra/visit
    Let's Get Started!  Call Holli to
    schedule a FREE "meet & greet"
    visit. We will go over all
    instructions. Please have a key
    ready for us at that time.

    We visit pets 7:30am to 8:30 pm.
    Requests for visits before 7:30am or
    after 8:30 pm will be granted IF
    schedule permits, for an additional
    charge of $5 for the visit.

    Last Minute Requests: We can often
    handle requests with less than 48
    hours notice (if you are already on
    file), but it is NOT guaranteed.  Same
    day and emergency requests cost an
    additional $5/visit if we can squeeze
    them in.

    Holiday Visits: The following days
    cost an additional $10/visit:  
    Christmas Eve and Day and New
    Year's Eve and Day.  All other
    Federal Holidays cost an additional
    Complimentary (out of town)
    House Services:

  • Lock doors
  • Re-set alarm
  • Rotate lights
  • Bring in newspaper & mail
  • Turn pool on & off
  • Bring in garbage cans
  • Feed fish (1-2 small aquariums)
  • Maintain bird feeder
  • Water indoor plants
  • Water outdoor patio plants

    If you have no pets and ONLY need
    house checks, pricing starts at
(203) 415-1885
Services & Rates