No need to crate your doggo all day.
We can visit and exercise your dog, mid day Monday through Friday, weekends available as

No need to place your furry family member in a Kennel.
If you are on vacation, or out of town on business, we can visit your pets 1-3 times a day.
Some pets are more comfortable in their own environment, following their normal routine. We
are also highly experienced giving medications, including insulin shots.

You are hiring a Pet EXPERT.
Our all female staffed business is run by Holli Delp and her team of pet companions. All of
which have many years of experience caring for all furry pets.

Why all Female?
We recognize that our clients may have rescued their new family members from shelters or
foster care. Along with the selfless act can come abusive or unknown pasts.  Statistically more
animal abusers are male than female. To reduce the risk of re-traumatizing your new addition
with so many new people to his or her world we have a kind and loving all female staff.  We
will take our time to work with your pet to make them feel like we are part of the family too!

You are hiring PROFESSIONALS.
All pet companions are all are covered by liability and bond insurance. All pet companions are
mature adults over the age of 25. No teenagers and no summer-only help. You are getting a
trustworthy, responsible adult to care for your pets!
(203) 415-1885
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