No need to crate your dog all day.
We can visit and exercise your dog, mid day M-F. Trips to the dog park or trail walks are
also available.

No need to place your furry pet in a Kennel.
If you are on vacation, or out of town on business, we can visit your pets 1-3 times a
day. Some pets are more comfortable in their own environment, following their normal
routine. We are also highly experienced giving medications, including insulin shots.

You are hiring a Pet EXPERT.
Holli (and her staff) have many years of experience caring for all furry pets, specializing in
cats and dogs. We are not "jack of all trades" and specifically focus on furry pet care.

You are hiring a PROFESSIONAL.
All staff members are covered by liability insurance. The business is bonded. All staff
members are mature adults. No teenagers and no summer-only help. You are getting a
trustworthy, responsible adult to care for your pets!

Why Holli hires sub-contractors and NOT employees:
Our sub-contractors are already professional pet sitters who own and run
their own pet sitting businesses. They are not new to this. They bring an
array of experiences that add value to the business, such as dog training
and agility experience, holistic and herbal medicine knowledge, pet food
industry knowledge and small pet care (such as ferrets).
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Why Hire Us?